Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How to get 18 .Gov easy Backlink

We know that .GOV backlink for any website is an added extra point. But it is very difficult to get .Gov backlink. Here in this article I am going to describe how to get easy 18 .Gov backlinks which I have testd on my website. Actually these are the loopholes in .Gov websites. When I started one year back it was approx. 58 government back link. Which I checked and mentioned here in this article.

1st Step:

Open These below Websites it will lead you to government website.

2nd Step:
Now collect all links on excel and replace it with your website.
3rd Step:
Open it in Bulk Url Opener
4th step:
Mass Ping it to other website
5th Step

Wait for some time and try to make backlink of those link and ping it once for every week . In some time these link will be recognized by Google.

I have tried these and got back link for some of my sites. You can try it . If you get helpful share and let the other know.