Thursday, 22 May 2014

Easy way to get back-link from Wikipedia

We all know the importance of Back-link for a website. It has more value when it comes from Wikipedia, Gov and Edu sites.

Here i am going to tell about " How to get back-link from Wikipedia"

For this We need to find broken link building opportunities in Wikipedia.

Broken link building has it all…


White hat.


There’s only one problem that finding broken links in Wikipedia  is a HUGE pain.

That is, unless you know about a little-known wrinkle in Wikipedia’s editing system.

You see, when a Wikipedia editor stumbles on a dead link, they don’t delete the link right away.
Instead, they add a footnote next to the link that says “dead link”

This footnote gives other editors a chance to confirm that the link is actually dead before removing it.
And that simple footnote makes finding broken links in almost any niche dead simple.

Here’s how:
First, use this simple search string: [keyword] + “dead link”

For example, if you were in the Blog space you’d search for something like this

Next we need to visit a page in the search results that’s relevant to your site: 

Hit ctrl + f and search for “dead link”: 

Then your browser will jump to any dead links in the references section:

Once you’ve found a dead link, now what?

Well you could re-create that dead resource on your site and replace the dead link in Wikipedia with yours.

But that would only land you a single link (and a nofollow link at that).