Friday, 2 May 2014

Top 5 SEO Secrets to Success of 2014

The key to SEO is to be conscious of what signals the algorithms are seeking. Here are the top 5 secrets of SEO success for 2014.

1. High PR links are still Relevant

If you think that the days of high powered links are over, think again. Now, possibly more than ever, the Google algorithm is relying on high PR, pertinent links to decide which sites attain the highest rankings.
Check this concept for yourself. If you have right to SEO software that offers link profile readouts, search for some of your preferred key phrases and run those reports on the top 10 sites. Approximately without exception you will find that the elevated ranking sites are the ones with the higher PR links.

2. Link Diversity is Key

Whilst high PR links are significant to your off page SEO efforts, link diversity is even more crucial. Long gone are the days of blog comment spamming, Web 2.0 profile building and automated links. In case you want to beat your competitors for rankings, then you are required to turn to a varied approach in your link building efforts. Here is a small list of recommendations that you could employ to obtain ideas for where the best links can be found:
•    Web 2.0 Sites
•    Press Releases
•    Article Directories
•    WordPress/Blogger
•    Social Media Network Sites
•    Social Bookmarks
The top link profiles will have a good mix of links from all of those sources.

3. Less is More

It used to be feasible to automate link building so that a bit of software would create you as many links as possible as swiftly as possible. This used to work in the past but now it doesn’t anymore.
Take the less is more approach in your link building in 2014. Concentrate on high PR links and branching out your link profile. Do this and you will find that you are attaining much better rankings for much lesser work.

4. Relevance is Crucial

Before you by mistake take the shotgun approach, keep significance in mind. It is true that you need to keep your links branched out - but the content from which your links are coming needs to be associated to your website.
In other words, if you find yourself creating links to a site about dogs and your links are coming from sites about chili powder, you will find your SEO efforts declined. In this example, the finest type of links to acquire would be links from other dog related sites.

5. Multi-Media is very Important

This final secret symbolizes the major shift in SEO since the early part of this past decade. It is no longer sufficient to have text-only websites. You will be required to have a range of media photos, sound files, videos etc. – existing on your site if you want your on page SEO to be up to par with what the Google algorithms want.
This necessity is not just restricted to onsite SEO however. In the past two revisions Google has now put increased weight on those links which come from different media sites as well.