Friday, 2 May 2014

Social Media & SEO: How Your Pages Can Get You to the Top of Search Results

SEO/SEM (search engine optimization/search engine marketing) is a complete industry of its own, and by having social media pages, you will position higher in searches. SEO is complex, and it takes in a lot of algorithms, other variables and keywords – and the majority of them will be applied to your website – not to your social networks. However, there are things you can do with your social media pages that will aid you in search positioning. Here is what you should know:

Facebook: Google (and all other search engines) has indexed Facebook pages in its searches for a while now. It’s simple to spot a Facebook page turn up in the top results if a company does not have a website or if its Facebook page is extremely popular. When someone is doing a search, Google’s algorithms will choose a Facebook page’s category, name, vanity URL and keywords in your About Section. So if you need your Facebook page to show up in organic searches, ensure all the fields mentioned are filled out properly. Also guarantee your page is very active. Comments, likes and shares will absolutely impact the search results, although the posts themselves don’t add up. (posts don’t show up in searches).

Google+: Having an active Google + page will aid your business turn up in searches (especially local searches and if the person searching is signed in on Google). The sum of reviews and +1s your page has will also influence the results. If you are not familiar with the platform or don’t know how to use it, at least make sure your Google+ Local (old Google Places) page is claimed - that will put your business on the map and also help people find you.

Check-ins: When someone checks-in at your place using Facebook, Foursquare, Yelp or another app, they are not only notifying their friends where they are, they are also sending a signal to Google's algorithms verifying your physical location. That is an imperative sign for search engines, and it aids you come up in local organic searches. So ensure all your pages are claimed and inspire your customers to check-in. A good way to do that is by putting up a poster and developing check-in offers to reward your customers - that won't only rouse check-ins, but also improve loyalty.

Geotagged media:
Most smart phones and tablets have a geotag attribute that automatically marks photos and videos with the place they are taken at. If those photos and videos are uploaded into Instagram, Flickr or YouTube, they will send search engines another indicator of your physical position and help with search outcome.

Reviews: They are not only assisting clients fix on where/what to buy, but they also control search results. The amount of reviews and their rankings (the number of stars) will impact which business turn ups first. Search engines like assisting users find good businesses, so they won't list organizations with lots of bad reviews. To work around that, ensure you inquire your customers to leave you reviews and respond to all reviews left for you.

SEO will aid you attain viewpoints, and social media will help you out to hook up with your present customers. However, its how your customers are entertained that will help your business grow up. If you have a good business, people will locate you.